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Frequently Asked Questions

We generate delivery tickets so we can estimate the weight of stock going out, so our lorries are not overloaded, can your software do this?

SSCS is designed so that ticket numbers for deliveries and returns can be auto generated if required, the weight is automatically calculated as you add items to the ticket. This is clearly displayed on the item entry screen.


We regularly transfer stock from one site to another how can the software track this?

SSCS has a built in function to handle 'Site-to-Site' transfers. The SSCS system does this by automatically creating a Delivery Ticket to the destination site and a Return Ticket to the transferring site.


Can we see the value of stock on certain jobs and also the total value of stock we hold?

SSCS has powerful reporting functions that can give you this information at the click of a button, other useful reports include, value of stock scrapped, value of stock purchased in and value of stock left in the yard. (useful to know if you have a big job coming up).


We do not want certain members of staff full access to the costs and values reports, can this be restricted?

SSCS has different security levels controlled by login procedures, for example the ticket entry level allows stock to be input providing a valid ticket number and job number is used only, all other functionality is disabled. No values are displayed only quantities and no reporting is allowed. For a company with multiple yards only the yard authorised is accessible.


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